Chrysler (Briefly) Flies World's Largest Banner


Last Friday morning around 7:15AM, in preparation for a later flight over the Texas State Fair, a helicopter lifted a 53,000-square foot (about the size of a football field) banner above the Dallas Executive Airport. The banner was part of a promotion for Chrysler's Dodge Ram pick up truck.

While video shows the banner leaving the ground completely granting, one assumes, Chrysler the victorious achievement of having flown the world's largest aerial banner, the helicopter pilot quickly dumped the banner from fear the banner would endanger the aircraft or it simply snapped free and fell (reports conflict).

A Chrysler rep is reported to have said the record would be broken as soon as the banner left the ground which, according to the video, it did. The record was previously held by the United Arab Emerites when a 50,000-square foot banner was flown over Abu Dhabi.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor