X Factor's Lucie Jones Lends Her Breasts to Wonderbra


And on the heels of Brazilian model Sabraine Banando's traffic stopping billboard appearance for Wonderbra's Full Effect Bra, 19-year-old X Factor contestant Lucie Jones has been selected to front a new campaign for the line.

Which makes perfect sense because Jones has always wanted bigger boobs. In an interview with MailOnline, she said, "Sometimes I really want to wear a specific dress and I just have nothing to fill the top half of it." Well now you can bust right out of that dress, Lucie because your breasts will be enormous thanks to the miraculous Full Effect Bra!

Jones alluded to her participation in the campaign with a cryptic tweet August 31 which read, "I'm at a photo shoot, I wonder what it's for?"

And for those who just can't wait to run out and by this new piece of cup size increasing wizardry, women can check themselves out virtually by using the the brand's Virtual Full Effect tool which will add two cup sizes to whatever image is uploaded.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-10   Click to Comment   
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