Wonderbra's 3D Billboard Makes Boobs Bulge Two Cup Sizes Bigger


As if our collective obsession with boobs weren't big enough, Wonderbra, bless their horndog souls, have made it even bigger. The obsession and the boobs. Touting the new two-cup-size-boosting Full Effect WonderBra, a 3D billboard in London, which requires special 3-DD (ha,ha) glasses to view, makes Brazilian model Sabraine Banando's already largish breasts even more bulgingly pulchritudinous.

We get the concept but we're not really sure why people would don 3D glasses in public to enjoying staring at boobs on a billboard when they can stare at a whole lot more online and "enjoy" things without fear of being labeled a pervert.

The billboard, a creation of agency Iris, is part of the brand's Full Effect Your Life campaign. Accompanying the billboard are PR and online. A website hosts a competition that will award three women three "life-enriching experiences; " become a fashion journalist intern for a week at Cosmopolitan, shadow Next Top Model's fashion stylist Grace Woodward or travel to Paris with a WeLoveVintage fashion buyer.

We once worked at an agency where one particular woman who, barely an A cup if that, used to wear what looked like a terribly uncomfortable bra that would mash together what little breast flesh she naturally possessed into two very unnaturally odd (and painful) looking strips of flesh. Strangely, it compelled one to stare a bit in the the same way one might stare a bit at a women ten cup sizes bigger...an experience we had while working at another agency

The agency in question employed a woman who, no lie, always looked as if she were about to fall over from the sheer weight and size of her breasts. She couldn't have been more than a size 2 but her breasts were north of the J cup territory. Always dressed in high heels, low cut blouses which looked like they were about to burst open and maddeningly tantalizing miniskirts, her breasts, which seemed to have a life of their own, were in constant motion, gyrating wildly up and down and across her chest as she walked around the office. Even when she stood still they'd wobble and jiggle with every breath she took. And occasionally in meetings, likely to relieve herself of their burdensome weight, she'd hoist them up onto the table where they'd pancake across it like two giant bowls of jello and form almost a foot of cleavage. Needless to say, concentration on work was impossible in her presence.

All of which is to say...wait, what were we talking about? Oh, sorry, an ad campaign which touts a bra that miraculously makes womens' boobs bigger. Personally, we prefer the real thing over the falsely accentuated. But to each his own and who can blame a marketer for fixating on the fixation with breasts. Especially when what they're selling is all about the breast.

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-10   Click to Comment   
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