Banned Pregnant Nun Ad Takes Aim at Pope Benedict


Antonio Federici ice cream, which had its pregnant nun ad banned by the UK's Advertising Standards authority for making a mockery of Roman Catholic beliefs isn't taking the ban laying down. The company plans to continue with the same theme and, in addition, make a point of targeting Pope Benedict with the campaign during his four day visit to the UK which begins today.

An Antonio Federici spokeswoman said, "We intend to defy the ASA's ban and will publish another ad from the series before the Pope's visit later this week. We are also in the process of securing billboards close to and along the planned route of the Pope's cavalcade around Westminster Cathedral."

The ad carries the tagline, "Immaculately Conceived ... Ice cream is our religion."

Previous ads from the company have shown two male priests about to kiss and a half dressed male priest about to kiss a nun.

Retired Catholic bishop John Jukes told the Daily Mail, "They tend to add to the ­general downgrading and attack on religious opinions and religiously committed people, which is a danger to the welfare of our culture."

But Antonio Federici Creative Director Matt O'Conner shot back saying, "Only a tiny proportion of those who have seen the ads have made complaints. They seem to be upholding the views of a bigoted minority over the majority."

Well, there you have it. An ice cream company, of all entities, is taking stand. It thinks nuns should have babies and priests should be able to kiss each other.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10   Click to Comment   
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