AgencySpy is Wasting Our Time (And Yours)


Here's what we have to say about that. One of AgencySpy's beloved blind items goes all journalistic and decides to check sources on someone who's been fingered an asshole by co-workers. Gee, not everyone in the workplace is a Mr. Rogers who cares ever so deeply about people's fragile feelings? What a shocker.

Come on. This is blind item crap is pointless information if there isn't at least a hint of who it's about. If you have facts, AgencySpy, share them. If you have sources, use them. I completely understand that this trash gets readers. We've been known to do the same right here. But you've removed everything of value from this piece. It's like a fart without a smell. We've worked for/with plenty of people in this industry over the years whose name could very easily be slapped on this piece.

Now, the flip side of this is that the he/she in question was just doing his/her job and your sources are just a bunch of lame-ass, self-entitled whiners who think they are the shit and entitled to special treatment as opposed to just shutting up and doing their fucking job. Ever consider that?

When we read stuff like this we are reminded of the time a self-entitled blogger screamed at a roller coaster operator because he wasn't allowed to skip the line during a sponsored visit. He threatened to blog about the incident. The operator shouted back, "No one fucking reads blogs!"

And they won't if all we serve up is puffery like empty blind items about nameless idiots who, because they are nameless, have no relevance to readers. Don't waste people's time.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Opinion