250,000 Facebook Likes Prove Moms Really Do Need Wine


Moms Who Need Wine, a website and fan page started by Boston-based mom (and former agency co-worker of ours) Marile Borden has just seen it's number of "likes" surpass the 250,000 mark, making it one of the largest online cocktail parties for moms on Facebook.

Second only to Fans of Being a Mom, MWNW's fan base has surpassed traditional publishers on Facebook, including Parenting.com (27,000), Real Simple (41,000) and O Magazine (21,000). Other metrics are impressive as well with .56% engagement on MWNW over the course of 10 recent posts - compared with fan response on heavy hitter publisher pages such as The New York Times (.036%) and The Huffington Post (.07%).

Borden recognized the growing popularity of Facebook for moms so she put her efforts into a Facebook publishing model as a way to deliver content to her readers, rather than the traditional e-newsletter model she used with her first online venture, Momicillin.com.

In a recent poll, Borden gained several insights about moms and their behavior online:

- 95% of Facebook Moms say visiting Facebook is one of the first two things they do when they go online (38% say it's the first, 55% say it's the second)

- 74% of Moms on Facebook log on more than 3x a day

- 7 out of 10 Moms on Facebook spend 1 or more hours a day on the Social Media site, 4 in 10 spend 2 or more hours

Of the site and its growth, Borden says, "It's not really about the alcohol at all. It's simply about the validation that motherhood is a tough job, we're not all perfect, and at the end of the day we need a break."

Her fans feel the same way as indicated by comments: "It feels good to know that there are other moms out there in the same place that I am! And there is no one there to judge me because I am DYING for a glass of wine after I have spent the day doing a mommy marathon and worked a full time job!!" says one Mom fan.

Another states "[I love] the knowledge that we are not so very different, we moms. Motherhood is motherhood nation to nation. We are more alike that we are different. To discover this, has been so uplifting."

by Steve Hall    Aug- 5-10   Click to Comment   
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