The Unbelievable Hotness of Justene Jaro Sells Nike Air Max 90's


OK. We are WIDE awake this morning thanks to Primitive Shoes and import car model Justene Jaro who, bless her soul (body?), has awoken us in ways that are, well, just not fit for publication...even on Adrants. Anyway, filth out of the way, curvaceous cutie Justene Jaro is featured in a two minute promotional video for the 20-year-old Nike Air Max 90.

As if we were watching a long form beer commercial of old or some cheesy auto parts ad in the back of Hot Rod magazine, Jaro's bulbous breasts burst forth, spilling from above and below the confines of her revealing top as it struggles to contain her pendulous pulchritude. Clad only in lingerie..and sometimes ripped Daisy Dukes...Jaro frolicks about on a bed, on a couch and on a set of stairs while wearing, playing with and, yes, seductively licking a pair of Nike Air Max 90s.

Once you've come up for air after viewing this tantalizing bit of heaven, you'll, sadly, realize it's just a sneaker ad and go back to the mundane duties of your daily grind.'ll also gleefully appreciate the fact another category of marketer has wondrously wrenched the sex sells baton from beer brands who've, sadly, it seems, given up on that particular method of selling beer.

The video was shot and edited by Jeffery Woodings. You've got to love the multiple meaning of the lyrics in the song which accompanies the video: "I don't have to sell my soul (sole?). He's already in me."

Oh and be sure to read her Primitive Shoes interview which is laden with a panalopy of delicious, high quality photos from the shoot.

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-10   Click to Comment   
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