DirecTV Stereotypes, Timberlake Directs, Sears Facebooks


- "Opulence. I has it." Right up there with Verizon Dumb Dads and blacks who love chicken comes this new commercial from Grey New York and Biscuit Filmworks' director Tim Godsall for DirecTV that portrays a Russian doofus as if he were an Italian goomba. Oh wait, is that too many layers of stereotyping?

- Guys, why do all the work looking for a date when you can just sit back and let the women come to you?

- If you own a company, you can direct your own commercials. And that's just what Justin Timberlake did for his 901 Silver Tequila. The ad is dumb.

- Naomi Watts will front Ann Taylor's Autumn 2010 advertising campaign.

- Steffan Postaer, author of The Happy Soul Industry, is out with a new book. It's called Sweet by Design. He calls it a novel/social media experiment.

- Sears, with help from New Yorks iNDELIBLE, has launched a "Back to Campus" social media campaign which helps parents and kids on their way to college decorate a virtual dorm room on Facebook using products from Sears.

- Adam Lisagor, A.K.A. Lonelysandwich, can be seen in a new video pimping the iPad app Flipboard.

- New Ad Council TV and radio PSAs, featuring President Obama, help commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

- If you were at LeadsCon or if you just want to see pictures (yes, there was hotness in the house) from the event, they are here.

- The first episode of HubSpot's new animated series, Captain Inbound! is out.

- In a new commercial from Michelin, the Michelin Man comes to the aid of motorists in trouble, replacing their tires with Michelin tires that he pulls from his body, enabling drivers to go farther on the road. Wait, that's not a's a kidney!

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