Forget Mayorships and Badges, Earn Money With Your Check Ins


IZEA has launched WeReward, a Foursquare-like check in application that awards redeemable points for completing tasks and checking in. It's like Foursquare but instead of a game, it's a revenue source. And that's a good thing. Because after a while collecting badges becomes tiresome. On the other hand, collecting money never does.

Much like Foursquare, WeReward lists local places but unlike Foursquare, when you perform certain tasks such as taking a picture of the location, you earn points. Five points for this. Ten points fort that. And when a brand is in the mix working with WeReward on a promotion, upwards of 100 points can be earned per task.

Each point is worth a penny and when a person earns 1,000 points they can cash out points with their PayPal account. We like it. Yes, Foursquare has offers people can redeem when they become mayor of a place but nothing really beats cold, hard cash.

Much better than SponsoredTweets, Ted. We give this our blessing.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Social, Tools