A Twitter DM Is Not Spam


It seems a crowd of people on Twitter have a stick up their...oh wait....that got us in trouble a while back. Anyway. A few days ago it seems everyone was up in arms over Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett DMing all his followers about his new book. Some have labeled it spam. We say everyone needs to relax and pull the stick out of their...oops...can't go there. Some cause group will be up our...oops...can't go there either.

So here's the deal. Hazlett can't DM anyone unless they're following him. If people follow someone, they have an interest in what they person has to say. By default, it's assumed they'd be interested in a book written by that person. It's the same thing as opting into an email newsletter. No one dubs that spam.

Hazlett's sending of a DM is no different than a person sending an email to all his contacts saying he just launched a new ad campaign or website or business or, yes, new book.

Everyone needs to relax. Think of it this way. It takes a lot more time and energy to respond to a DM by calling it spam and sending hundreds of @'s to Jeffrey than it does to simply ignore it...like everyone else does with all the email spam they get each day.

John Moore has an in depth look at the "debacle" here.

by Steve Hall    May-21-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Opinion, Social