Stanley Steemer Calls Attention to Human Oddity


As with most things video, the fun is in the outtakes and that truism is no different with this new Stanley Steemer multi-spot campaign. The commercials chronicle the experiences of two Stanley Steemer technicians as they go through their days.

In one ad, a technician has an emotional breakdown when he pulls up to a roll of needlessly discarded carpet. Another spot highlights an alpaca, a living room and the importance of knowing where a stain comes from. And another features an unfortunate aquarium mishap.

Of course the oddity of this campaign is the realization that there are some really strange people in this world. People who have farms in their living rooms. People who think a carpet is a toilet. And, well, we can't imagine ehat else. All this campaign did was make us realize how gross people are and how many should just go back to living in a cave. Without carpets.

See it all here. Young & Laramore created.

by Steve Hall    Apr-13-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Strange