Paddy Punts, Ad Council Ad Libs, Ad Man Resurfaces


- Blind football. Paddy Power. Cat. Funny.

- McCann Erikson has launched a $100 million campaign for Holiday Inn.

- Who knew a brick had so many uses. And could save you so much money? Brandon Baunach's entry into Ogilvy's YouTube competition.

- With the rise of online banking, many people haven't been inside a bank in a while. To remind people they still exist, efirstbank has brought the lobby to the people. TDA Advertising & Design did the work.

- Watch this. You'll never want to eat a hamburger or cheeseburger again. Well, at least every day like some kids do in school.

- "Birth of a Spartan is the journey of a young Carter-259, future leader of Noble Team, as he undergoes the medical augmentation procedures that are the final stage in his transformation from a young man into a Spartan III super soldier." Yea, it's a video game.

- The Ad Council has launched a new blog. It's called Adlibbing and it will media.

- New York Festivals will honor advertising legends Graham Warsop, The Jupiter Drawing Room and Akira Kagami, Dentsu with Lifetime Achievement Awards during its three day festival.

- OK. Weird. Thanks Planet GmbH.

- Who is Cornelius Trunchpole?

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