In Stream Ads Come to Twitter


Twitter has launched a new ad platform that will insert ads in search results and relevant streams based on purchased keywords and contextual relevancy. Called Promoted Tweets, the ads will stay on top of a given search result or stream rather than scrolling off the page as does a normal tweet thereby giving the advertiser lengthier exposure.

Promoted Tweets will carry a small notice the tweet is an ad and the tweet itself will turn yellow when rolled over.

To make sure the ads remain relevant, Twitter will employ a metric called resonance, the sum of nine metrics including delivered impressions, replies, retweets and clicks. If a certain resonance level is not achieved, the ad will cease to be served.

Twitter has been testing various ad models for a long time. No one can argue with the fact Twitter needs to make money to remain afloat. No one can argue the fact most will hate the fact ads will now be a part of the daily Twitter experience. And so it goes. With great changes comes...well, no change at all.

Advertising still makes the world go 'round.

by Steve Hall    Apr-13-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social