Cancer-Stricken Man Sells Ads on Urn to Pay For Cremation


We missed this one last week. Springfield Oregon man, Aaron Jamison was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago and has recently been given three months to live. As a means to cover the cost of his cremation and avoid leaving his wife with the bill, Jamison sold ad space on the three urns in which his ashes will be placed, joking, "I'm 400 pounds, so there's enough ashes to go around."

Sixteen companies have paid for space with PETA being the last. One PETA ad will read, "People who buy purebred dogs really burn me up. Always adopt." Another from PETA will read, "I've kicked the bucket - have you? Boycott KFC."

In addition to PETA, the full list of advertisers includes Terese's Place, Cry Baby Ink, Harper Valley Photography, Frank Gibson Attorney at Law,,,, Brian McGee of Re/Max, Marty's Plumbing Co.,,, Antique Peddler,, Betse Green & Bill Cernasky, Bill Phillips, Springfield High School Millers (via an anonymous benefactor).

Jamison, a comedian and former graphic designer, will hand paint the messages on each urn. He's also sharing his trip towards the end on his blog, Judas, Forgiven and on Twitter.

Witty commentary withheld.

by Steve Hall    Apr-29-10   Click to Comment   
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