Anastasia Ashley and Gretchen Bleiler Seek Old Spice Interns

Killer Legs Girls

Move over Isaiah Mustafa. Step aside Terry Crews. There's two new hunks...uh...hotties in town to pimp Old Spice. Anastasia Ashley, whom we've loved since she first appeared alongside her surfboard in an Airwalk campaign and Gretchen Bleiler, whom we dubbed "marketing's next It Girl" back in 2006.

Ashley and Bleiler have teamed to choose two interns for Old Spice Adventure, a campaign which will tout the brand's new Fresh Collection line of deodorant. The scents were inspired by the smells found in four locations around the world; Fiji, Matterhorn, Cyprus and Denali. Two of these locations, Fiji and Matterhorn, will be destinations for the two lucky interns chosen by Ashley and Bleiler.

The interns will be selected in May, sent on "scent-inspired" journeys and asked to share every last detail of their travels through the usual social media channels. Much like every other social media "challenge," the two will be given tasks such as wearing a pair of lederhosen with ten velcro-padded sticks of Old Spice while snowboarding and participate in a Aqua-Trek Shark Encounter.

That's all well and good but the real question of importance here is are Ashley and Bleiler going to accompany the interns on their travels. Otherwise, what's the point?

Be sure to check out the video of the photoshoot during which Bleiler deadpans to Ashley, "I always plan my trips in my snowboard gear and you always plan yours in your bikini. It's just who we are." And, yes, Ashley is wearing a bikini during the shoot.

And is it just us or is it a little over witty when Ashley signs off the video semi-seductively saying, "Hope you had a blast seeing us."?

by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-10   Click to Comment   
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