Dear Adrants Advertisers, Thanks For Keeping the Lights On


The past year and a half here at Adrants has been ... how shall we say ... financially challenging. Ad revenue plummeted to the point where we had to give up the private jet, the seaside mansion and the bevy of bikinied support staff. We never knew Oodles of Noodles tasted so good.

Thankfully, recessions don't last forever. What goes down inevitably comes back up. No, we won't get the jet back or the seaside mansion but we might be able to take on an intern or two. And for that, we'd like to give a big thanks to our current advertisers.

Pointroll, an advertiser that's been with us several times before, is back with a campaign entitled C.R.A.P.A.D.S. or Council of Responsible Advertisers Promoting Accepted Digital Solutions. You've seen the one. It's all about eliminating bloated creative and crappy ad tactics.
Check it out here.

SapientNitro is running a campaign looking for idea engineers. In plain English, they're hiring. Need a job. Get one here.

The Diner, a music library, is your place to shop for over 4,000 tracks to license for your creative needs. Find the perfect track here.

In February email provider Lyris promoted a series of webinars and a guide to social media and email marketing. You can still download that guide here.

Last quarter, Yahoo touted it large advertising network and all the wonderful things it can provide for marketers interested in reaching all different types of audience segments.

And there are several more slated for future months. We'd like to give thanks to each of these companies for their support. It's truly appreciated.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-10   Click to Comment   
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