Bob Garfield to Retire From Ad Review Next Month


It's true. Next month Bob Garfield, Advertising Age's Ad Review critic for 25 years, will retire from his weekly ad review column. He won't be leaving Advertising Age though. Garfield will helm a column entitled Listenomincs where he will opine on the "digital revolution."

In addition, Garfield will...wait for it...launch a consultancy with a collection of strategic partners. More on that will be revealed in the coming weeks. Brands beware.

And in case anyone thought Garfield was the only one writing about advertising over at Advertising Age, columnist Abbey Klaassen felt compelled to writes, "Ad Age will continue to cover advertising, design and digital ideas, working closely with the Creativity editors." Good to know.

Bob's final Ad review will appear in Advertising Age's April 5 issue.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-10   Click to Comment   
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