Skittles Faced, Ad Week Opens, Wine-Loving Moms Get FB Love


- Using its Facebook fan page with a membership of 3.7 million, Skittles' "Valentine the Rainbow" lets users create a digital valentine for an unsuspecting, hand-picked meter maid, one of the most hated professions in the country and one that deserves some sweet lovin'.

- Registration for Advertising Week 2010 has opened.

- Yea, yea, yea, That Belgian advertising agency strike.

- Check out The Incredibly Boring Web Content Challenge from Captains of Industry. Enter your submission for the most mind numbing product descriptions.

- Can't get enough of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models? Now you can have them on your phone thanks to JAGTAG.

- If you're a mom and you love wine, check out the Facebook fan page "Moms Who Need Wine." and the corresponding website. There's 88,000 fans so far. The site's creator Marile Borden tells us, "we're looking at it as a new sort of publishing model -- with new kinds of opportunities for 'media' buys. In addition to blog ads, we're working with sponsors on ways to leverage the whole FB audience -- with things like sponsored blog posts (that get sent via the feed), coupons (on our coupons tab), sponsored virtual wine events hosted on FB, market research panels, etc."

- Barely Political has moved on to Barely Digital and is having fun with Weezer and have launched The Keys of Awesome, a site on which pop starts and pop culture get a ribbing.

- Uh oh. FireMedia is still around.

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