Gloves Grip, Hands Slap, Fiorina Fails, Arm Shopped


- An interesting way to illustrate the gripping power of dish washing gloves.

- Like a little butt bongo? Then you'll love this NSFW ad (but safe for YouTube) for Coco de Mer.

- See Carla Fiorina's horrific commercial bid for a California Senate seat.

- When you're stuck with unusable images from a photoshoot there's always PhotoShop.

- Want to manipulate a male model Subservient Chicken-style? Then head over to Wrangler's Manipulate a Man.

- Foursquare just might end up trumping Twitter when it comes to a revenue model.

- That head chef in those new Domino's commercial? Not really the brand's head chef at all. He's the organization's VP of Innovation. But he does run the test kitchen and does wear a white chef coat. So that makes it all OK, right?

- Have an iPhone? Like looking at hot, half-dressed women? Then download Maxim's iPhone app. Pretend to be texting while your ogling hotties.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Magazine, Political