Best Super Bowl Voiceovers, Nivea Donates, Brand Barfs


- Check out Whose Voice is That? It's all about celebrity voiceovers and they've just posted a Super Bowl commercial roundup that looks at ten classic Super Bowl spots making great use of the narrator and/or voiceover.

- "The Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue," an exhibit that celebrates the contributions made to American business and to popular culture by the real stars of Madison Avenue, is coming to San Francisco for its first public showing outside of New York City at the Academy of Art University's 79 Gallery on New Montgomery Street February 24, 2010 for a one-week showing.

- And yet another brand hopes to change things up by "creating human interaction, getting into and creating conversation." Barf.

- W!LDBRAIN has partnered with digital agency Fuel Industries to develop television, motion picture, direct-to-consumer platforms and consumer products with Fuel Industries' entertainment properties.

- In a "social media viral experiment," RDA has created XOXO Chain for Nivea. For every submission, NIVEA will make a pledge of $1 to Big Brother Big Sister charity, until they reach $100,000. NIVEA will also reward one lucky entrant with a $4,850 grand prize.

- Y&R New York is out with a new campaign for the Arthritis Foundation. With TV, radio, print, outdoor and online, it touts exercise and diet as methods to reduce arthritis.

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