Got Empty Cup Holders? Dentyne Wants to Fill Them With Gum


Realizing the proliferation of cup holders in cars and the apparent fact they're not all occupied with a beverage, Dentyne decided to package their gum in a container that would fit in a cup holder. To promote this packaging, Dentyne wants people to Twitpic their empty cup holders with the hashtag #emptycupholderto get a free bottle of gum. Bottle of gum. That just doesn't sound quite right.

Wants some free gum? Hurry up. The promotion ends at noon today.

We can't tell you who was behind this work. Well, we could but they asked us not to. We're going to honor that request but, wow, for some reason, we feel like going out and buying some wine right now.

by Steve Hall    Jan-13-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social