Dude, Where Are the Holes?


So you're out with your friends and you find yourself at the bowling alley. You go to pick up a ball and...WTF...there's no holes on the ball for your fingers. Surely, you must be mistaken and you turn the ball around in your hands until you realize there are words where the holes are supposed to be. The read, "Helps Prevent" and "Cavities and "Elmex." You shake your head and realized you've been adver-balled.

You then read on Adrants that this is the work of Israeli agency Shalomar Avnon Amichy and realize yet another surface has been usurped for commercial purposes. Then you ask yourself. Should you be angered or should you slap SAA on the back for furthering the adver-anywhere trend?

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09   Click to Comment   
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