NUDE IT iPhone App Viral Even Comes With Real Fake OMG! Gasps


No, it does, really. (See below.) While not an actual working app, or is it? (*asked in super secret hushed tones*), the NUDE IT makes any scene nudetastic. Except, well, it's hard to tell if the hero in this one is saying OMG! because of the app's amazing see-through ability--or the subject he's looking at. Latter! Either way, lose the fake shock reactions (the shit will sell itself doncha know), and you still have a cool non-cgi viral, replete with tried and true old-school camera trickery that looks more amazing than it is. Or all you SUCKAZ can just check with creator That Bald Guy.

by Bill Green    Nov-12-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Promotions, Spoofs