Long Way to Go For a Cup of Joe


Coffee brand Douwe Egberts wants you talking more over coffee, because, well, coffee equals conversation. BUT DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. From agency Duval Guillaume, Brussels in the house:

The coffee brand Douwe Egberts wanted to sell more coffee. They based their campaign on the insight that every good conversation is held while having a cup of coffee. At home, at work or at a restaurant. So how do we sell more coffee? Simple: create more conversations.

Based on this strategy, Douwe Egberts launched the campaign "A good conversation starts with Douwe Egberts". To support this campaign, they created the "conversation cup". A coffee cup that helps you choose a conversation subject. Simply put your spoon in the cup and let it decide for you.

The campaign led to a lot of heated conversations at the workplace and restaurants where they were distributed. They gave a great boost to the campaign "A good conversation starts with Douwe Egberts".

Now that I've had my coffee and the edge is taken off--somewhat--DG does great work. (Nevermind the which came first chicken > egg if-then inverse logic at work. They may both happen at the same time, but one doesn't necessarily start the other. Otherwise, cigarettes are also conversation starters, as are lunch breaks, interventions and crash scenes, etc.) Still, the conversation insight is one that Dunkin' Donuts has missed for a long time in their messaging.

Regardless, this is clever, especially bringing the mayor into it. Now I need a donut to go with my conversation starter.

by Bill Green    Nov-12-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Guerilla