Allie Sullivan Wears Bunny Ears in Campaign to Socialize Playboy


So I spent four days on a cruise ship with a bunch of social media types. The cruise was informative and fun and you can read about it here. I spent a lot of time with Allie Sullivan who I've worked with in the past when she was at PETA and the Humane Society. She always tipped Adrants to many of those organization's ad campaigns, various marketing stunts and social media efforts.

On the cruise, she told me she hopes to land a job at Playboy which is seeking a Social Media and Audience Development Manager. Hmm. A girl running Playboy's social media efforts? Does that mean Playboy will end up looking like this and Hugh will have to start tweeting about Playboy's position on the objectification of women?


While Playboy certainly does a great job helping men engage in a particular form of personalized social activity, the organization could use some help engaging with with people on a broader level. To, you know, really cement the notion there are actually people out there who read Playboy "for the articles."

OK, OK. While it's apparent the only Playboy tweets anyone will care about are the ones pimping the latest centerfold or the Girls of Social Media features, the organization could certainly benefit from some transitioning away from Hugh Hefner in pajamas as its image.


Hey, wait. What about a Playboy TwitterFold highlighting the hottest Twitter avatars or...better yet...revealing the fact people really aren't as hot as they look on Twitter. about a match that Twitter avatar to the person's actual hot (or not so hot) picture?

Sorry. Got distracted there for a minute. The fact remains, the organization is old school and needs to transfer to new school. That's not to say it should ever stray far from its bread and butter. After all, naked women will always attract an audience. But, somehow, that just isn't enough for Playboy to survive. It needs more. And if they, as Joe Jaffe loves to say, "join the conversation," maybe they'll engage with people a bit more to help shape the organization's direction.

OK. Enough with the serious stuff. Doesn't Allie look cute wearing bunny ears? Can't you see her roaming the Playboy offices in Chicago wearing them? Don't you think Playboy should give her the job? If she can make PETA palatable to Adrants, she can certainly help Playboy shape its online persona.

So help Allie help Playboy. Leave a comment here, give this post a tweet or a retweet. Share it on Facebook. Get this bunny hoppin'.

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-09   Click to Comment   
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