Innocence of Early Virals Remembered


Remember when internet memes, internet celebrities and viral videos were all the rage? Oh for the innocence of those early days before the genre was forever tainted by big bad marketers who sucked every last drop of fun out those clips we used to enjoy so much.

For a trip down memory lane, Adland has a video from Judit & Judit and Swedish internet provider Comhem which celebrates all the favorites. Adland notes, "we see references to Mentos & Coke*, Chocolate Rain *, "Leave Britney alone!"*, the Swedish TV host who was suddenly ill on live television *, Nunchuck guy *, The Bad Day Viral (which already spawned it's own viral homage), Ansiktsburk * a turkish song subtitled with what it sounds like in Swedish, ending up being a love poem to "face-cans""

Britney! Mentos/Coke! Star Wars Kid! Chocolate Rain! We miss it all.

by Steve Hall    Oct-28-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Viral