Ford Goes Social Again With Fusion 41


Following its Fiesta Movemant, Ford is seeking 2010 Fusion and Fusion Hybrid owners to participate in Fusion 41, an automotive relay race which aims to build awareness and excitement around the new Fusion. The Fusion owner of the winning team will have their vehicle paid off, and team members will win free gas for one year.

Eight participants will be chosen based on "their passion for Fusion and their ability to share compelling information about the vehicle on the internet." Think hot chicks with tens of thousands of followers.

Four friends will join the chosen ones. Each team will be given a Fusion or a Fusion Hybrid and assigned a task to be completed in 41 hours. Why the number 41? It's the number of miles per gallon the car gets.
The winning team will be chosen based on their ability to complete the activities and provide proof by uploading photos and videos to various social media sites, including Facebook.

Can Chris Brogan and Justine Ezarik please be on the same team? They're not family members but Chris's deadpan humor and Justine's over the top videoliciousness would certainly make for an interesting combination. Then toss in Loren Feldman for a dose of reality and Sarah Austin for, well....just to see how Loren gets along with her. Please, Mr. Monty?

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-09   Click to Comment   
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