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Reagan Daughter Patti Davis Develops TV Show

Apparently, there are some in the television industry who feel American's really care what Patti Davis, daughter of 92 year old Ronald Reagan, did while she was in the White House.

The show, produced by Davis and called 'Ribbon' after her Secret Service code name, will be set in present day and follow the life of a 23 year old daughter of a president as she smokes pot and has sex with Secret Service members.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-03    

Trash Tabloids to Try Trash TV

American Media, publisher of literary achievements such as 'National Enquirer' and 'Star' plans to dump its trash into the living rooms of Americans with celebrity and gossip focused cable channel.

As ugly as this sounds, I'll be tuning in.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-03    

Bonnie Fuller Upmarkets 'Star' With Talent

Bonnie Fuller is making waves in the publishing industry as she tries to take the supermarket tabloid, 'Star', upmarket by recruiting big name journalists. Fuller has already lured Jared Paul Stern away from 'Page Six' for $300,000 and 'Us Weekly' fashion editor Kelli Delany,

Fuller is promising a lot of money and equity to join the tabloid. "People have been enthusiastic about joining us," insists Fuller. "They know that weekly celebrity magazines can sell a hell of a lot of copies."

Yes, America loves its trash. And America will love its trash even more if it's well written goes the thinking here.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-03    

Armani Launches Ad Campaign With Owls

Do I Look Cool? Owls Replace Models inNew Ad Campaign

Eschewing the usual near naked models, Giorgio Armani is launching a campaign for Armani Eyewear using owls.

"The fashion industry is often guilty of taking itself too seriously," Armani said of the campaign. "It therefore seems appropriate to launch the first Safilo manufactured Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani eyewear collections with ironic advertising campaigns, which will get noticed because they break from this tradition."

The campaign will be underscored with the tagline, "Daywear for Night Owls"

Giorgio himself will also be featured in another campaign for one of the eyeglass lines with the tagline, "Eyewear from Giorgio Armani". Gee, that's groundbreaking.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03    

Tara Reid to Guest Star on 'Scrubs'

Reid Opens Up on 'Scrubs'

In a move to perhaps change the public's perception of her as a party animal, Tara Reid has signed on to NBC's 'Scrubs' for a six episode story arc.

In the arc, Reid will play love interest to series star Zach Braff. 'Scrubs' kicks off this season on October 2. This just might be the catalyst to tune in and check out the show.

Reid to patient she's about to open up, "That glass of tequila on the tray? Oh, that's just to calm my nerves before I cut you open."

To see Tara open up bigger, click the picture.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03    

Stupid Fat People Lose McDonald's Law Suit

A federal judge Thursday threw out a class-action lawsuit by two Bronx teenagers claiming McDonald's used false advertising and that the chain's food made them fat and contributed to their health problems.

In his ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Sweet said, "If a person knows or should know that eating copious orders of super-sized McDonald's products is unhealthy and may result in weight gain, it is not the place of the law to protect them from their own excesses."

It's about time common sense ruled.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03    

Teletubbies Cybersquatter Gets Busted

Po or Porn?

John Zuccarini, hated cybersqutter and owner of thousands of domains names consisting of misspelled addresses of popular websites, could be off to prison. Zuccarini has been arrested under a new law making it illegal to redirect traffic to pornographic or obscene websites.

Zuccarini has a long history of shady Internet activities having been sued by Radio Shack, HP, Office Depot and Nintendo. This time, he's being dragged in for redirecting unsuspecting kids looking for the Teletubbies website to Teltubbies.com, a site that is called Hanky-Panky-College and quite pornographic in nature. Thinking further, perhaps this is just a stealth effort by PBS to fight off rumors one of the Teletubbies is gay.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03    

ANA Chief Says Accountability Will be Tough on Agencies

Advertising has to be the only business where billions of dollars can be spent and it's OK to say, "Sorry, we really don't know how much your sales will go up after this ad campaign." That's changing.

"Chief marketing officers are under enormous pressure to demonstrate returns on investment," Bob Liodice, president-CEO of the Association of National Advertisers, told attendees at the Television Bureau of Advertising's Forecast Conference in New York. "CEOs are holding marketers accountable for the effective management of billions of dollars n marketing expenditures. There is little tolerance for soft measures, excuses and explanations."

Marketers will demand to see proof of concept for advertising programs and will not readily accept "standard" annual rate increases that have been the norm for years. While an ROI analysis is old hat for online marketers, it's a challenge for those using mostly offline media. Those offline media that wish to survive might want to begin exploring proof of concept techniques for their media.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03    

Doner Kicks Off Campaign For Mazda RX-8

Feel The Love

Fueled by a $20 million budget, Doner is launching a campaign for Mazda's new RX-8 kicking off during Sunday's ESPN Sunday night football. The campaign will include :15's and :30's and highlight the car's rotary engine.

The spots tie into the inexplicable love men have for their cars showing a man hugging his car in the garage.

"We wanted to tap into the key consumer insight that guys love their cars," said Tim Blett, president of Doner in Newport Beach, "though they don't want to show it, except in private."

by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-03    

The New Superbowl

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler

First, let it be said. Aerosmith rocked! They made Blige and Spears look positively lame. It's nice to see musical artists actually sing their songs rather than just pump out choreographed, lip synched bullshit. OK, so the ladies didn't suck that bad and they are nicer to look at but Aerosmith showed them how it's done.

This NFL Kick Off has legs. It really was a good show. Much more interesting than the Superbowl half time show. Aretha Franklin did the Star Spangled banner big time justice. Full of soul and spirit.

The little speech President Bush gave pior to the game was a bit cheesy and at the same time kind of cool.

All in, this show gives the NFL and sponsoring advertisers a powerful marketing platform that may not rival the Superbowl but will certainly rank high on the must buy list.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-03    

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