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Immersion: The New Product Placement

Fox Sports Net: Highlighting Advertisers

Tracy Dolgin, president of Fox Sports Net, is pioneering the use of what he calls immersion to bring content and advertising closer together. Dolgin says that the Best Damn Sports Show�s format provides ample opportunities for product immersion, from a KFC wings-eating contest between two of the hosts to a demonstration of Dockers stainproof pants.


by Steve Hall    Dec-14-02    

IBM to Stop Marketing OS/2

IBM Pulls Plug on OS/2 Marketing

According to a posting on an IBM Web site, the company will stop marketing OS/2 Warp V4 and Warp Server. However, it will offer support for the products until December 31st, 2004.

And I thought this OS was dead years ago!

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-02    

Newscast Interupted by Nakedness

We interrupt this newscast to bring you boobs

If no nudes is good news, then Salt Lake City viewers got a dose of the other kind Wednesday morning when the Mormon station KSL-TV station inadvertently cut away from its newscast to footage of bare-breasted women and a man with his hands down his pants. Complaints followed. Producers at the studio didn't know what was happening, as the footage never appeared on their monitors. KSL executives say they have no idea how the racy video made its way into the "Eyewitness News Today" broadcast. In fact, several of the 60 viewers who complained said they could still hear �Eyewitness News� anchor Terry Wood�s voice during the interlude. The station now believes the footage was from HBO�s adult comedy �Mr. Show with Bob and David.� The local cable provider, AT&T, said it could not have been the source of the video, but only AT&T customers saw it.

Sure, it wasn't your fault, AT&T.

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-02    

Froogle Story Hits the "Real" Media

New York Times story following on the Froogle story scooped yesterday on MarketingFix and on this site.

New Test Site From Google Focuses on Products for Sale

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-02    

Another Dumb Television Programming Move

Up there on the Television Executive's Idiot Idea list:

ABC moves 'Practice' time slot

ABC did an about-face Wednesday and announced that it plans to move David E. Kelley's legal drama "The Practice" out of its longtime Sunday 10 p.m. berth to 9 p.m. Monday next month to make room for its revival of the police drama "Dragnet."


by Steve Hall    Dec-12-02    

Apple Promotes Madonna-Branded iPod

Get a Madonna iPod

by Steve Hall    Dec-12-02    

Google Launches Shopping Site Called Froogle

About Froogle

Froogle is a new service from Google that makes it easy to find information about products for sale online. By focusing entirely on product search, Froogle applies the power of Google's search technology to a very specific task: locating stores that sell the item you want to find and pointing you directly to the place where you can make a purchase.

Amazing stuff. Google is pumping out new products at a blistering pace.

No more will you have to go to several sites to shop for competitive items. Just go to Froogle.

More on this MarketingFix scoop here.

And stay tuned here for more on this exciting announcement.

UPDATE: Additionally, as pointed out to me by Olivier Travers, one of the MarketingFix crew, it may not be all it's cracked up to be:

Well, I'm not losing sleep over it. It's simply useless. You can quote me: the current implementation (for books anyway) is garbage. It demonstrates they don't even have a clue about what taxonomy is about (this we already gathered from their use of the ODP, a piece of garbage ...) And sorry but this "frugal" thing is the negation of commerce. It's simply laughable.

Here's froogle on Asimov:

Amazon on Asimov:

Scifan on Asimov:

That's right: Froogle is (basically) useless.... This is as stupid as Deja turning into a shopping guide.

Well now, there you have the real truth.

UPDATE II: More in depth commentary from Olivier on MarketingFix.

UPDATE III: My own initial take on this, barring Olivier's very insightful comments, is that Google may have a good product here even if it isn't a complete one. It's simplicity and the fact that it will be present on the Google home page will make it immediately known to everyone who uses the Internet. And you know most people, unlike the hard core users, gravitate to these mass market, all- in-one, simple interface approaches. Google is a very familiar and very friendly interface. I look at Froogle as a simple starting point for an online shopping excursion. From there, I can quickly drill down to other shopping sites from within the search results. Will it be the most complete listing of available products within a category? As Olivier claims, no it will not. But, for my simplistic mind, that is OK at the start.

UPDATE IV: Juicy comments pro and con on this whole Froogle thing. Read what the MarketingFix editors think as well as others.


by Steve Hall    Dec-12-02    

Fun With Men's Underwear

Kmart and JOE BOXER

A nice Holiday themed Microsite where you can play with Men's underwear.

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-02    

Bathroom Advertising: Good or Bad?

This, from the ever vigilant crew over at BadAds. The do have some good point to make. What ever happened to reading the paper while in the bathroom. Now we have to watch videos?

Here I Sit Broken-Hearted...

Going to the bathroom is, if you're lucky, boring. You don't want any surprises when you pull down your pants. You just want to unload the goods and get back to the real world.

Some people don't see bathrooms that way. These people � let's call them "marketers" � view the bathroom as a source of potential fun and enlightenment for those who pass through the door. All that's been missing so far is the fun, and they're more than willing to provide that fun in the form of advertisements -- because we all know nothing is more exciting when you have your pants down than looking at ads.


by Steve Hall    Dec-11-02    

PETA Doesn't Like Happy Cows Ad

My father in law was a dairy farmer in upstate New York as were 5 generations before him. I have seen the dairy operation first hand. I can assure you that no cow on that farm is mistreated. What is the purpose of a cow anyway? What would PETA have us do? Stop milking and eating cows and keep them as household pets?

Sure, there are farmers who mistreat their cows. It doesn't mean all farmers are bad nor does it mean that you can't have a little fun with an ad campaign.

PETA: 'Happy Cows' Ad is a Lie

The two-year-old campaign features talking and singing cows discussing the pleasures of life in warm, sunny California. The slogan: "Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California." The state produces 1.6 billion pounds of cheese a year, second only to Wisconsin.

The suit, which is expected to be filed in California Superior Court, says California dairy cows live on muddy, feces- and urine-soaked lots devoid of any vegetation, not on grassy hillsides as depicted in the ads.

"Our goal with the lawsuit is to let people know that if they're consuming dairy products, they're promoting cruelty to animals," PETA's Bruce Friedrich says.

Yes, the reality of a cow's life is grim and dull. But cows are dumb, Cows like to stand around and do nothing. If they don't get milked, they get sick and die. They are not wild animals anymore that can take care of themselves on their own.

"For people who are concerned about cruelty to animals, they need to wipe dairy products off their shopping list, period," Friedrich says.

That sentiment is absolutely ridiculous. Most cows are well cared for.

But Reynolds maintains that cows' lives aren't horrible. Forty percent to 50% of California dairy cattle are raised in dairies built in the past two to three years, in which cows are well cared for so they can produce more milk, he says.

"A new dairy would be a happy place to be a cow. They have roofs to protect from summer heat and winter rain, comfortable stalls and clean bedding," Reynolds says.


by Steve Hall    Dec-11-02    

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