Newsflash! Bob Garfield Asks Adrants to Cover His New Book


Bob Garfield has never had kind words for what we do here at Adrants. And we've rarely had kind words for what the man does over at Advertising Age. But, he's been around forever and he deserves our respect. And he's going to get.

We're going to kindly mention he's out with his long-awaited new book, The Chaos Scenario. It's an expanded version of several essays he wrote a few decades ago (OK, years) about how the drastic changes in the media landscape are killing advertising as we know it. Or at least that's what everyone says it's about. We haven't read the thing yet.

The book will be out on Kindle in July and will release August 3 as a paperback. What, Bob, no hard cover?

Like Howard Stern used to intone "permanent record" as part of a shtick, Garfield, on the promotional site, intones, "The Powers That Be" as he refers to the shifting changes occurring with mass media.

So, like a dutiful advertising media outlet, we urge you to check out Bob's book and his website. We're sure you'll hurry back and let us know what you think.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Publishing   

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