Is That Blue Sky in the Background of This Prius Promotion?


See that? Blue sky. That's a rarity these days. Just thought we'd point that out as we share with you this promotion for from Toyota for its 3rd generation Prius. Not that anyone is sitting outside much these days given the incessant rain but a free solar-powered WiFi area was set up outside Boston's Prudential center.

From 8AM until 9PM, anyone can sit down, plug their laptop in and enjoy some free WiFi. Sadly, sunny weather is not guaranteed.

WiFi is a simple offering. Everyone needs it and everyone has love for anyone who provides it for free. While it does carry a cost for the provider, why chains like Starbucks or all airports and hotels do not provide free WiFi as an amenity is outside the realm of logic. Free WiFi attracts people. Free WiFi makes people stick around for a while. Free WiFi, and the increasingly inventive promotions that come with it are even known to get people to buy things.

This is the kind of exchange marketing, for lack of a better term that more marketers should engage in. Offer something to your potential customers and they will appreciate it. They might even appreciate it enough to throw some money your way.

Give it a try. We guarantee you you won't be disappointed.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Mobile/Wireless, Outdoor, Promotions   

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