How to Get People to Stop Calling You


Sick of getting too many phone calls and texts? Yea, we aren't either but Samsung thinks it's a big enough problem to launch a "24-hour silent disco" dance competition during which people listen to their Beat DJ phones and hope no one calls them. If they do receive a call or text they are eliminated from the competition.

So in preparation for the competition, people have been asking their friends and family not to call them. And, though no one's really talking about it, competitors have likely also been asking their friends and family to call any other competitors they do know so they are eliminated first.

Why do this? Because Samsung is offering up €10,000 and a dinner date with Swedish singer September. Some people might think that's worth it, right? Not Lady Gaga though who's accusing September of co-opting her style. Ah, the life of pop stars. If we all had such weighty issues to worry about.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Mobile/Wireless, Promotions, Strange   

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