'Drinkspiration' iPhone App Gets Absolut's Fetch Back


Oh we really, really like this. Absolut has launched Drinkspiration, an iPhone app which makes drink suggestions based on mood, location, time of day, weather, liquor type (yes, they don't just limit it to vodka), drink color, shape of glass, type of venue and a whole lot more. You'll never order the same boring drink again.

Every drink the app suggests comes with a recipe so if you want something a bit too exotic for your neighborhood bartender, you can tell her how to make it.

Because it has GPS and hooks into a database, the app can show you, in real time, who's ordering what anywhere in the world or at the bar the bar stool next to you.

Of course it talks to Facebook and Twitter as well so you can broadcast your drink choices for all to see.

In a world where traditional advertising is shifting dramatically (notice we didn't say dying), branded apps like this, which are uninteruptively front and center at the time of a person's need and choosing, can go a long way towards building and maintaining brand awareness (oh god, that felt like something out of a media plan...sorry) and, in this case, maybe even get Absolut's cool back. After all, it was the only thing to drink back in the day's before Grey Goose conquered the world.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-09   Click to Comment   
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