Cause Group Launches Twitter For Sh-tters


Why anyone hasn't thought of this witty little word play is beyond us but non-profit Wherever the Need, with help from Skadaddle Media, is having fun with it. The effort aims to call attention to the importance of sanitation and to raise money to build eco-sanitation toilets for third world countries.

Oh but the wordplay gets even better. The program calls for people to tweet their friends and ask them to donate to the cause. What has the campaign dubbed these people it's asking to tweet on its behalf? Daily Dumpers. Yes, that's right, Daily Dumpers. WTN hopes people will "tweet about anything they want, from the best "potty humor," to simply just "talking sh-t."

Oh how the concepting session for this one must have been.

Getting more serious on the topic, Wherever the Need USA Executive Director Beverly Visty-Doman said, "We firmly believe that the power is in the people, and what better way to ignite conversation about this age-old, taboo subject than via social media. We all go to the bathroom, regardless of social status, location, age, or gender, yet no one wants to speak about it. Our goal is to drive awareness about the role sanitation plays in diminishing poverty and disease, while facilitating the construction of eco-sanitation toilets...wherever they are needed."

Let the bathroom humor begin.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-09   Click to Comment   
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