AdWeak Returns! Again!


Ever the mysterious one, AdWeak, has returned once again to tear apart the ad industry. Never heard of AdWeak? AdWeak was the George Parker of 2002. The AgencySpy with a heavy dose of insiderism. Adrants with far more imagination. AdWeak routinely skewered the industry with witty spoofs and The Onion-style reporting.

Twice the dude fell off the face of the planet and now, for a second time, he has retuned triumphantly to...Twitter, of course to rip the industry a new one in 140 character bursts. We'll be following. Will you?

In true "don't give a shit" form, AdWeak is following no one on Twitter but does have a little over 100 followers. He tweets in "hot headline" style with jabs like "Sr. Art Director Attempts To Resurrect Career By Re-Laying Out Old Print Ads As New Banner Ads," "CP&B Creatives 'Surprised' By Negative Reaction To International BK Spot Featuring Ronald McDonald Getting Fucked In Ass" and "Creative Team Spends Five Billable Hours Debating Whether Or Not New Intern Is Wearing Bra."

Follow. You won't be disappointed.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social, Weblogs   

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