Acronyms and 'Bust-Accentuating Top' Make For Bad Truth Ad


Arnold is out with another mock interview ad for the Truth campaign. In this entry, a seemingly immovable woman is subjected to the interviewers over-excited explanation of yet another business acronym. This one's AMPED or Articulate Motivated Passionate Energetic, which, clearly this woman is not.

The interviewer is amusingly animated. The woman is a dead fish. Perhaps due to years of suffering under the weight of her...oh that would be so rudely sexist to say! How dare we? Oh but wait. AdFreak got all sexist by suggesting just because the woman is wearing a "bust-accentuating" top, the ad is a bit NSFW. Huh?

Really, AdFreak! Must we perpetuate the myth everyone with a bit more curvaceousness or six packed hotness is, by definition, a sexualized object? That they ooze sex from their pores? That they are all super-human in bed?

Oh wait. We like that myth. Forget everything we just wrote. Except the part about the woman being a dead fish and the lameness of this commercial.

We jest, of course, AdFreak.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Cause, Commercials, Creative Commentary, Opinion   

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