You Mean We Don't Have to Make 3,000 Versions of That Banner?


According to...yawn...worldwide data from comScore...zzz..., ACME ad network is now the...snooze...third largest in the world. Recently released technology provided by ACME...OMG...clearly differentiates ACME from their competitors. As the...yawn...first self-serve behavioral ad network that will...(wake me when this is over)...automatically optimize flash creative so lazy designers don't have to, ACME will...wait, what did that press release just say?

Did it say "automatically optimize flash creative" so lazy designers don't have to? Yes it did! Who is this press release from? Oh. Tatto Media. [Sorry, they all blur together after a while]

Forget ACME. Let's talk about Tatto Media. Yes, they really do make it quite easy for creative to be automagically optimized - something we've wanted to see for a very long time.. The technology breaks down the banner into multiple parts and then recreates it. It then runs the varies versions, determines the best and then runs those across its behavioral network of sites.

Though it can't re-write your copy, it's certainly better than pimping out just one piece of creative, a more prevalent practice - even with very large buys - then you might think.

So we've got all kinds of media optimization tools. Why not creative optimization? This isn't the only solution and no solution will ever replace human creativity but this is a step in the right direction.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Tools   

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