Staples Hops the Cause Caboose.


To win both the youth and the responsible parent vote, Staples commissioned social marketing firm Mr. Youth to develop "Do Something 101," a cause program that's, at the very least, relevant to the office supply chain's MO.

Campaign elements, from what we can tell, are a Facebook Fan page and a Facebook app. (That's it?!) Participating students are encouraged to build a custom backpack by tagging their friends and then donate money to help the 13 million kids in the States that can't afford school supplies.

Every completed backpack makes participants eligible for a chance to go to New York and meet Ciara, who can teach you the one-two step*, which is as good a reason as any to drum up crayon cash for your less-plush peer.


* Two things about this music video: 1) 2:39: that is some grotzky product placement for Axe. It just isn't cute to see a guy posting on his porch, spraying on the de-smello. 2) See that crazy move she does at 2:56? CIARA IS A NINJA.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-17-09   Click to Comment   
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