Creative Director Says 'Do Not Follow Me' With T-Shirt Line


After running into Keith Lane, a creative director at an agency I used to work at, Emerson Lane Fortuna, at the Boston AdClub Reunion, we did the required social media hook up on Facebook. Then, upon reading his Wall, I hilariously discover he's got as jaded a view of social media as I do. So much so, he's gone an created a line of CafePress-wear entitled the Anti-Social Networkers.

The line hypes what Lane dubs the three most overused words of the year: friend, share and connect. Headlines indlude Do Not Follow Me, Linked Out, Zero Connections, Do Not Follow Me and more.

And, yes, there's even a thong. On Facebook, Lane's Daughter Courtney commented, "friggin' genius!! but quick question: was it your idea to have thongs??" to whick Lane responded, "Validation from my first born anti-social child. Thanks, Court. You made my anti-social day. The thongs? No comment. Love, Dad"

Dad and daughter talking about thongs on Facebook. Bet Keith didn't foresee this when he held Courtney in his arms swaddled in a baby blanket.

by Steve Hall    Jun-26-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Specialty   

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