Susan Boyle Gets Love From EA, Slaps Down Cynicism


So the whole Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent thing has been peripheral to us and for good reason. We already have American Idol fever right? And besides, the whole thing was yet another indication all we care about is what people look like and not what's inside them or what sort of talent they may have.

This frumpy looking woman walks on stage and she's instantly judged some sort of loser because she's not beautiful and young and perfect. But as soon as she opened her mouth, everyone had to eat their cynicism and come to the realization we place way too much importance on exterior appearances.

Will we learn anything from this and other similar events? Of course not. We'll continue to place high emphasis on the exterior of things and base our first impressions on how beautiful, hot, gorgeous, pretty, curvaceous a person is and care not what depth that person possesses on the inside.

How did we get to this point where flash is more important than substance? The easy answer involves two M's: media and marketing. These two industries will do anything to sell their wares. And if that means hyping impossible-to-achieve beauty and perfection to make a buck, that's what they'll present to us. And if they present it long enough, we'll begin to believe the hype that only beauty and perfection matter.

One could argue the portrayal of perfection is a good thing since it helps people strive to better themselves and achieve greater things in life. While that is true, we've gone past the point of being brainwashed and into a world where we expect, no, demand perfection and beauty. We except nothing less...or we jump to first impressions, oh, like labeling a 48 year old, less than beautiful woman some kind of loser because every day is a bad hair day for her and she couldn't possibly have any redeeming qualities.

PK. How did we end up on this rant ans where the hell were we going with it? Oh yea. EA created a video to wish Susan good luck Sims 3-style.

by Steve Hall    May-29-09   Click to Comment   
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