Tweets on Rich Media, Meaty Love Messages, Jobs on the Wire


- Finish the sentence: "Without advertising..." (LOL at "I'd have a savings account.")

- French agency Pourquoi tu cours (trans: "Why are you running?") is selling itself -- and its services -- via eBay and Facebook. The founder claims bids have exceeded 2,010 euros.

- Following fast in the footsteps of Volvo and Land Rover, Universal Studios will start incorporating live tweets in its rich media ads for certain films. Expect to see them in late June.

- Send love on beef jerky.

- Mother nature's pizza box.

- Rumour has it Apple is developing a touchscreen tablet computer.

- IAB tries forming cozier ties between creativity and ad standardization. 4A's are on board too.

- Want to peg your friend as a Shifty drug dealer? This is for you.

- We've got jobs, get 'em while they're hot. Requests for more info, or CVs/resumes, can be sent to angela [at] adrants [dot] com. Put the gig you want in the subject line:

  • SDL Tridion in Amsterdam needs an interactive marketing manager. Willing to cover relocation costs.

  • The Annenberg Foundation's social media maven is seeking a Girl/Guy Friday. You'll probably need to move to Los Angeles, or be willing to commute.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-30-09   Click to Comment   
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