Monday Means More Madness From Meat Puppet Minds.

Did you expect less from Diesel? I know you didn't. The latest launch work from Legs channels everyone from David Lynch to Led Zep for Diesel's new scent Only the Brave, (with accompanying site According to the background on the project, there were three themes of "Heart," "Mind" and "Nerve" as described by Legs: "Although all the films stand alone in their own way, the real magic appears when the films are played as a triptych. The triptych was always the main idea and we knew that the Heart and Nerve stories would serve as visual punctuation for what the center Mind piece was saying. It made a lot of sense to us that the Mind piece would be the conduit and narrate the whole piece, while Nerve and Heart served more as visual poems."

Actually, that would be fairly lucid for David lynch. Yeah, this is more like the David I know.

by Bill Green    Apr-20-09   Click to Comment   
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