I'm a Little Short, Can You Spot Me a Hug?

In an Absolute world, we wouldn't need money. At least in London with this latest promotion where Absolute exchanged hugs for real stuff. (Clip post-jump, Twitter here.) Not sure it would fly here, maybe though:

"Hello? Yes, this is he. Yes, I know. Two months late. No, yeah, we were going to send a check out soon as we can. Yeah, I understand. Looks bad on our credit history, yep. Collections? Whoa, hang on for a sec... sorry, had to check with my wife. You guys take hugs? You do? OH, but not over the phone. Gotcha. Yeah, makes sense. So then, guess smiles are out. HEY. What about jokes. You take jokes? You do? Awesome. Okay, two bill collectors walk into a bar."

by Bill Green    Apr-22-09   Click to Comment   

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This ad had a light and fun tone to it and the music helped, but I don't really get how its going to help sell alcohol. If I hadn't read the post I wouldn't have had any idea what it was for until the very end. That said, it is kind of neat that they're trying something different then the typical "ordering a drink at the bar" commercial. I would be interested to know how successful this spot ends up being.

Posted by: Caylin Kusmin on April 26, 2009 8:31 PM

First time vodka ad actually made me feel good.


Posted by: A.B. on April 27, 2009 6:12 PM