German brothels, Microbooking, Canadians Who Shave and Stay Off Twitter

- George Parker on German Brothels in hard times like these.

- Microbooking is the new...?

- Social media IS like sex. (For the record, I don't pay for social media.)

- Microsoft blowing up on campus like Google used to.

- Swiping for hookups.

- For when love dumps on you.

- Something's rotten in Denver with Chipolte.

- Join Twitter's Canadian Club.

- Oprah's burger list.

- Fusion called for icing.

- I told you people, but do you listen? MT. DEW.

- Earth Day? That's a wrap.

by Bill Green    Apr-23-09   Click to Comment   

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Thanks for the link love!

Posted by: Jane Sample on April 24, 2009 8:42 AM