Carousel Brings Sharp Clarity to a Moment in Crime


Philips Cinema brings us the mildly unsettling "Carousel," where a hospital shootout between the SWAT team and demented clowns is frozen and investigated by a slow-moving camera.

Money flutters through the night sky, the faces of cops are taut with tension; and you can actually see the caked makeup creases on the masks of the tormentors. It's strange and beautiful; we watched wordless from beginning to end.

The online oeuvre was directed by Adam Berg via Stink Digital for Philips' hi-def Cinema Proportion TV. More at Philips Cinema; also see deliciously engaging making-of (shown below).

According to Berg, the secret to a great film is narrative and light. Food for thought, whether you're directing an epic or breathing :30 of life into a brand under your care.

o "Carousel":

o Making of "Carousel":

by Angela Natividad    Apr-29-09   Click to Comment   
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This film expresses how much can be said without saying anything. We are entertained, we learn learn about the TV's features, and we're hit with the Phillips brand name. Its a great example of branded entertainment and proves that advertising has no limits.

Posted by: Logan Jones on April 30, 2009 12:59 AM