Because Advertising Never Happens In Kansas.

As tipster Zeke suggested, asking ad people if they know cool strikes me as a good hook. I agree. So what's the problem I have with Little Black Book, a city and resources guide for creative folk? It only hits the same old international metro locations like London, NYC, Toronto, and so on. Maybe it's due to the ad royalty behind it, but really, not even San Fran or LA? Telling that there's no mobile feature? Well, that's the main problem. The other is that the Flash is real slow.

As for the guide part, good concept. Sure, the Google results on your mobile aren't bad when you're out and about, but a site tailored specifically to all areas would be useful. Something like Yelp or Goodrec but something too that lets you know how wireless/camera/brainstorm friendly they are, etc. LLB does touch on some of that, production houses nearby, cool/funky bars to hang out the last time you were on a shoot. But a way to share all this with other ad grunts would be better. (There's definitely a need at industry events like sxsw when 200 people flood twitter with the same request to find out the best place to eat.)

But, back to BG's issue de jour: Cities outside their 14. Flyover country here in the U.S. almost never gets ad love. I'm guessing it's the same in other countries. *cut to visual of angry creatives in Irish agency throwing shit at their monitors* If the site was built in a little more stripped-down craigslist for creatives fashion, local ad communities would populate it with all kinds of stuff and grow it quickly, no?

Why, you might even be able to sell ads on it.

by Bill Green    Apr-23-09   Click to Comment   

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I agree with your craigslist suggestion in regards to the setup of the Web site. Having lived in the Midwest my whole life, it is frustrating to see a general disregard for advertising tailored to those outside of the major U.S. markets.

Posted by: fcfarley on April 28, 2009 11:12 AM