FetchBack Gets Its 'Fetch' Back With Keyword Retargeting


OMG. Is that not the lamest headline referencing the lamest movie in which the lamest FTW-wannabe vernacular is beaten to death? But hey, every time retargeting company FetchBack makes an announcement, the Mean Girls simply have to come out and play.

So what's the big announcement? Wait, does it really matter? We got to write our pithy headline. Can't we just move on to the next story? Oh wait, you really want to know? OK so here it is.

FetchBack has launched Keyword Retargeting, "a new program that will enable publishers and advertisers to serve ads based on specific keywords related to user intents and preferences."

So...regular old keyword retargeting with a layer of behavioral marketing overlaid? Indeed. So does it work? Well, according to FetchBack Chief Retriever (WTF?) Chad Little, using the company's Keyword Retargeting can increase conversions by 53 percent. Not bad for a new technology mashup.

And certainly better than Gretchen Wieners' attempt at making Fetch happen.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 2-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Tools   

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