ATTIK Out With NoiseFive


It's round five. ATTIK, as it did four times before, is out with the fifth version of its "experimental design book," NoiseFive. The book chronicles the history of the agency from its humble beginnings in Huddersfield England to its expansion across multiple continents, the previous four Noise books and, the purpose of the books, an explosive orgasm of design.

Coca-Cola VP of Design David Butler described the book saying, "NoiseFive makes you think. What would happen if the world's biggest brands were all design-driven? The scale of impact on business and culture could be incredible. With NoiseFive, I am reminded of ATTIK's relentless focus on innovation and look forward to the future we're designing together."

While were sure there's more to life than pure design, we can't argue with the notion design plays an extremely important role in the perception, and ultimate success, of brands.

There's no arguing the book, self-published in partnership with Evolution Print, is simply beautiful. A wonderful expression of design and its possibilities.

With a limited run of 3,000 copies available for sale, ATTIK's self-published NoiseFive is now available at selected specialist bookstores around the world - and directly from ATTIK for £65 plus shipping. A number of signed limited-editions are also available by ordering from ATTIK's websites

by Steve Hall    Mar- 9-09   Click to Comment   
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