Workshops to Ease Social Media Migraine


Twitter got you stressed? Facebook got you exasperated? The social graph got your blood pressure up? Sick of your client/your agency blathering on endlessly asking/telling you about social media? Then you should check out a couple of workshops offered by J.A. Jones Consulting.

The workshops are designed to address two common barriers to entry in social media: understanding how to use the increasing number of tools and understanding social media etiquette to personally connect with audiences online.

Solicitors Will Be Humiliated - The Dogma of Digital

Every community has its own rules of etiquette. Web 2.0 is no exception. The social media world is a powerful mobilizing force. But, if not approached correctly, the same fervor with which this community sings a brand's praises will be used to tear a brand down. This workshop explains the big-picture dogma of digital and social media environments. Attendees will walk away understanding what works, what doesn't and why in this ever-changing new medium. Included are group activities designed to help participants see customer engagement through a digital lens.

The Tools That Connect Us - A How-To Look at Social Media Channels

Social media has changed the game in which success now requires a new approach and new tools. Social and digital media allows marketers to engage in a two-way conversation with target audiences. Whether the goal is to drive web site and Blog traffic, build communities around a brand or enhance traditional promotional campaigns, understanding how to use tools like Facebook, Twitter, Social Bookmarks, Wikis, YouTube, and Forums is critical to success. Attendees will walk away understanding how engage target audiences in brand conversations; how to build communities around a brand; and how to monitor brand presence and online reputation with targeted audience engagement.

by Steve Hall    Feb-26-09   Click to Comment   
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