LA Ad Geek Expresses Love For AdWeek Ad Greek


Step aside Obama Girl. You've been outdone. While we will never forget your undying love for Adrants and Steve Hall, we simply have to elevate Ignited Art Director Thad Papadakis to a higher status of obsessive devotion for the Valentine's Day love song he created for AdWeek journalist Eleftheria Parpis.

Instant press! Sweet.

Whether a publicity stunt or not is irrelevant. The song is good. The lyrics are amazing. The rhyming is perfect. And Papadakis gets extra points from us for slamming Bob Garfield with thought bubble that read, "Your ad sucks" and "Now back to me." Righteous.

Prediction: West Coast will at least get a chance to meet East Coast for dinner. It's the least that can happen given Papadakis' effort, right?

If anything, Parpis will never again be able to slam (or praise) any creative work remotely related to Papadakis without wringing her hands a bit and thinking of that video.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 8-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Opinion, Strange, Video   

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